J32a2 hp

It was introduced in to replace the Acura Vigor and was badged for the Japanese-market from to as the Honda Inspire and from to as the Honda Saber. Init ranked as the second best-selling luxury sedan in the United States behind the BMW 3 Series[1] but sales have decreased since then. The TL "Touring Luxury" debuted as model, first with the 2.

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The 3. The debut of the TL signaled Acura's shift from traditional vehicle names to alphanumeric designations. By replacing recognizable names such as Vigor and Legend with a two-letter designation, the luxury make hoped to focus consumer attention on the Acura name.

The 2. There were minimal styling differences between the two, but the 3. Sales of the 2. Leather was standard on the more upscale 3.

Like its predecessor, the Vigorthis generation TL was a 4-door pillared hardtop, with frameless windows. InAcura added a standard power moonroof to all TL models. Additionally, all Acura TLs received a variable-speed intermittent wiper setting. The sport-targeted, 5-cylinder 2. ForAcura made several previously optional features standard on the 2. InHonda revealed the TL-X concept carshowing a preview of the second-generation TL which would debut in fall that year.

The second-generation TL now called 3. It was available with a newly designed 3. The second-generation 3. The main difference between the two cars were the front grille; the Inspire and Saber were also available with a 2. The only option on the sedan was a CD-based navigation system. The TL's navigation system stored the maps in zones; there were 5 different zones for the U. Starting with this generation, cabin air filters also known as pollen filters were installed as standard equipment and are located behind the glove compartment.

j32a2 hp

In the second year of production, the Acura TL was given a few more features, including a 5-speed automatic transmission with SportShift. The added gear allowed for slightly better fuel economy and acceleration when compared to the previous 4-speed automatic transmission with SportShift.

With this model, if the driver forgets the shift the computer will take over when in sport mode and do the up and down shifts, unlike the 4-speed model. In many vehicles, the 5-speed automatic transmission failed: as the third clutch pack wore, particles blocked off oil passages and prevented the transmission from shifting or holding gears normally. The transmission would slip, fail to shift, or suddenly downshift and make the car come to a screeching halt, even at freeway speeds.

This problem was highlighted in the Los Angeles Times in September Consumer Reports took note and gave the TL and CL the black spot, the worst rating for transmission reliability.

A class-action lawsuit was settled to extend the transmission warranty for U. Transmissions replaced prior to March usually fail again. Other notable changes include the addition of side impact airbags for the front passengers and a change of format for the navigation system. The entire continental United States became accessible with the navigation system; it was possible to drive from one coast to the other with the new navigation system.These engines are a V6 and were designed to be transversely mounted.

Not only do they have shorter bore spacing, but they also have shorter connecting rods. These engines also have a smaller crankshaft than the C-series. The reason the crankshaft is smaller is to make the engine smaller altogether. Mounting a V6 transversely can be difficult so Honda took as many measures as they could to decrease the size.

While this engine is installed in cars from other manufacturers, there are quite a few Honda models that have this engine installed in them. These engines are mostly in mid-size vehicles. The reason being, this engine would kind of be overkill for something as small as the Civic, but for a minivan or small SUV, this engine is perfect.

These are only a handful of the Honda vehicles that use this engine. With that being said, the engine is installed on several of the same models and the only difference are the years that the models were manufactured. The first issue that these engines are known for is oil leaking through the VCM gaskets. The model that has had most of the issues and cases of the oil leaking is the Honda Pilot, although other vehicles with this engine have experienced the issue too.

The good news is it can be easily repaired by buying a gasket kit and just replacing the gaskets. This can be done at home, which means your repair bill will be much smaller than if you took it to a shop.

Honda J32A Engine For Sale

Another common issue comes from the VCM system. VCM works by shutting down some cylinders at cruising speed to decrease the effective displacement and thus decrease consumption.

Keep in mind, other issues can come up since it is a piece of machinery. Just make sure you get your vehicle looked at as soon as an issue appears so you can reduce the risk of more expensive damage. Keep in mind, though, building up the engine can get expensive and be extremely time-consuming.

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The things you can do in terms of tuning the engine for faster performance are listed below. Using all of these parts will actually increase your power to about horsepower. I have a good running J35A1 installed in a Odyssey with a bad trans.

Return Of The J-Swap V6 Civic! New Nitrous Setup Track \u0026 Dyno

What other Honda models could I drop this motor in with only moderate adaptation? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Get a cold air intake system Use a J37A intake manifold Install a J37A throttle body Use Bisimoto cams, valve springs and retainers, and performance headers Use a 3 inch aftermarket exhaust system You could also try head porting Use J32A2 heads Utilize J32A2 pistons Use J32A2 intake and exhaust systems Using all of these parts will actually increase your power to about horsepower.

Honda honda j35 j35 j35a1 j35a4 j35a6 j35a7 j35a9. About Bryce Cleveland Articles. Bryce founded Dust Runners Automotive Journal in as a way to write about the cars he found interesting. Follow him on Instagram for more bryce. Does the J35 oil pan fit the J32 motor like a bolt on? Nice information, thanks. Just installed a J35A into a Porschemid-engine J35 swap! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.When we talk about the Acura CL-S 6-spd, the topic that dominates the conversation is the engine.

Based on the original J30 first seen in the '97 3. Compared to the more pedestrian J32 in the base TL, the Type-S version uses more aggressive valves and cam timing to move the power curve up. J32A2 engine designation stamped onto the block. To ensure a fat torque curve, a dual mode intake manifold is used. This beautifully designed and crafted piece uses bolted in intake trumpets for each of the six runners! From the large bore throttle body, air enters a split plenum and then moves into a bolted on outer plenum one for each bank housing the intake trumpets.

From there the charge speeds its way to the intake valves. In the center of the split plenum resides a butterfly valve which opens at a strategically determined rpm to allow favorable resonances from each bank of cylinders to improve intake ram tuning.

j32a2 hp

The net result is an extremely broad, flat torque curve with a nice top end charge. Here you can see the dual plenum chambers.

Honda J engine

The scary part about the J32A2 is that it isn't even close to being near its maximum. With simple exhaust changes, particularly to the somewhat convoluted exhaust header merge, gains of over 30 hp are common.

A hp J32? You betcha! The stock exhaust system appears to be quite restrictive. Notice the degree turn in the B-pipe. A properly tuned aftermarket exhaust can offer a significant weight savings and additional power. Acura sources also tell us that the intake and possibly the exhaust system on the 6-spd CL-S is tuned differently to provide a more aggressive sound.

Whether these modifications provide any benefits in terms of power is unknown, as a 6-speed option is not available in the TL-S - yet, so we are unable to directly compare it.Amid news regarding the Coronavirus COVIDwe at HMotorsOnline want to prioritize the safety of our customers and staff by reminding you that there are no unscheduled walk-ins, pickups, or inventory browsing offered at this time. Pickups are only available with an appointment, and will be very limited. Please call us for details.

j32a2 hp

During this time of year, HMotorsOnline experiences a high influx of customer calls. Please keep the following in mind during peak season:. If we do not pick up when you call, please try us again after a minimum of fifteen minutes.

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If you are placed on hold, please refrain from hanging up the phone and calling right back. If it is an emergency, please dial All Sensors are guaranteed not broken and in working condition!

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Please keep the following in mind during peak season: Phone wait times are longer than usual as HMotorsOnline is processing a higher number of orders than usual, we appreciate your patience. Unscheduled walk-ins are NOT accommodated, please schedule a walk-in on the phone.

All engine orders may take anywhere from two to three weeks to ship out. For further details, please call and speak with a sales associate.Wiring for fuel injection can seem a daunting task but with a little bit of background on the electrical connectors needed, and the right set of tools, the difficulty fades away.

Read More. In this video, Holley EFI expert, Ryan Witte, walks through some of the simple setup steps for a Terminator and outlines all of its incredible self-learning and user-tunable features. Do you need a custom kit built for your application? Do you need a system installed and tuned? The End! That's everything! Check back later for new products. Close me! My Account My Cart. Also in Gaskets - View All. Also in Ignition - View All. Also in Intake Manifolds - View All.

Also in Cooling - View All. Also in Tuners and Programmers - View All. Also in Data Acquisition - View All. Also in Marine and Powersports - View All. Also in Turbochargers - View All. Also in Electrical - View All. Also in Nitrous - View All. Also in Wheels - View All. Also in Off-Road - View All.Lets face it.

A B-series in an EG is old news. That is not to say a tried and true swap is a bad idea, but a little variety never hurt anybody. These six "cool combos" are a few plausible swap ideas that might spark some interest in a few forgotten Honda platforms. It is easy enough to get by in high school and college with a JDM'ed out Civic or Integra; and even if we never grow out of them, the need for a new car will eventually arise. How many people do you know that have over built their "daily driver" and find themselves looking for something a bit tamer?

How about a VIP'ed second-gen Legend with a 3. No matter what Toys'R'Us ads tell us, we will all grow up someday. Some of us may even get lucky and find a nice girl, get married, and dare I say it Try toting around a newborn in a car seat strapped into the back seat of an EF hatchback, good luck.

With daddy behind the wheel of a turbo Hswapped first-gen Odyssey, the kids will never be late for school. Even for those of us who are not ready to be grown ups, the need for a second car is just as real. Do you want to be out street racing with your show car? Or worse yet, crushed? Maybe it is a better idea to build a budget beater third-gen Civic with a turbo D-series swap. An unsuspecting ride like this will catch everybody off guard downtown, and since the whole build costs less than the wheels on your DC2, getting it impounded won't be as big of a deal.

There is a perfect car for everybody, and in our opinion, there is a perfect second car for everybody too. Have a cooler, more unique, yet plausible combo than we could come up with?

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We are anxious to hear about it. E-mail us at editorial hondatuningmagazine. Dr Barrios. Ever tried to stuff two turntables, a mixer, an amp rack, and speaker cabinets into the trunk of a Civic coupe or the joke of a cargo space in a hatchback? It's close to impossible. Unless you want your equipment sitting shotgun with you and messing up your red Recaros, lugging it around in your daily driver isn't an option. Our DJ needs a gear hauler, but being a Honda loyalist, a pickup is out of the question.

Friends would make fun of him for rolling around in an Odyssey and a CR-V is a bit out of the budget. The answer? A first-gen Integra. The first-gen Teg's rear hatch has more cargo room than any of its successors. Take out the back seat, fit a whole stage setup in the open space, and you can still keep shotgun open for a groupie post-set. The only real problem is lack of power and, more importantly, torque to handle the extra load. But before you head out to the gas station to pick up this week's Truck Trader, remember our trusty solution to almost every problem: swap it.

While we've recently seen Type-R and even K motors in a first-gen engine bay, our DJ needs torque, something that the B20 offers. Its hp and lb-ft of torque will turn the 'Teg into a "Tug. Also needed are a set of mounts, Hasport makes a set specifically for this swap AVB1and probably a set of rear coilovers. Since the first-gen 'Teg comes equipped with torsion bars and a rear-beam axle, there are no springs to replace up front. The rear might be better suited with a set of sleeve-over coilovers with a higher spring rates than stock, matched with a pair of decent struts to handle the additional equipment load.

DJ's daily-driver EG may be a super-hot JDM street machine right now, but without a pack mule first-gen to supplement it, it won't last for long.We have extensive experience building the TH for all types of applications. We also cater to you Ford guys. We prefer you call in before ordering so that we can help you select the transmission that best meets your needs.

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These are designed to replace a daily driver TH behind a stock or near stock engine and have increased service life due to our hydraulic, mechanical, and lubrication upgrades. Crisp shifts at part throttle progressively getting firmer with throttle. Very streetable and very reliable. They also include all new friction clutches, bands, steel plates, soft parts, filter, modulator if applicableas well as hydraulic upgrades, bearings added at several thrust locations, and other modifications depending on power level.

Although we use the build levels and options below, each transmission is custom built for the application. That is why we have a lead time.

There are too many variations to try to keep these on the shelf. Call for a custom quote. Our Stage 1 TH is a heavy duty rebuild with valve body and hydraulic improvements, rollerized rear thrust, heavy duty intermediate snap ring, and OEM pan. Aluminum Deep pan and additional modifications. Deep cast aluminum pan is standard. The Griner Aluminum Transbrake with or without safe neutral is an optional upgrade.

This build utilizes a new SFI case and bellhousing, aluminum direct drum, fully rollerized with several weight saving and drag reducing internal modifications, alloy input and intermediate shafts, alloy steel forward hub, billet aluminum transbrake valve body, and fabricated aluminum pan standard.

Super Shaft large diameter input shaft is optional. The Ultra — Low weight, low drag design This transmission is designed for the racer looking to maximize efficiency and reduce weight. Great for grudge racers, class racing, and anyone looking for that competitive edge. This build has become one of our most popular due to its exceptional value and approximately 20 lbs lighter weight.

The base model will utilize an OEM case and tailhousing. It includes an aluminum forward and direct drum, aerospace material input and intermediate shafts, alloy forward hub, deep aluminum pan, lightened OEM ratio 2. Options include other ratios, Reid SFI case, roller bearing tailhousing, small diameter drums, and other valve bodies. Due to the many variations in options, please call for a quote for your custom build.

Honda J engine

We offer a TH setup for Rockcrawler and off-road applications. We can upgrade this unit to our other level of builds as necessary for you big power off road guys. This build is based on our standard Stage 2 build. We use a reverse manual valve body with engine braking, a wider 1. A 34 element sprag, offroad specific clutch materials, lubrication modifications, and torrington bearing upgrades are added. Upgrades are available for bigger power combos.

It is built specifically for the harsh conditions experienced in offroad competition. We include a Reid Super Bellhousing and a new roller tailhousing where applicable. The next key ingredient to this package is the spragless design used instead of the typical roller clutch or sprag design used for 2nd gear.

This requires the state of the art billet aluminum Griner valve body to control shift timing and includes a direct drum assembly that eliminates the failure prone sprag.

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